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Anhydrous Ammonia - Understanding, Avoiding and Mediating Inherent Risks

Anhydrous Ammonia - 
Understanding, Avoiding and Mediating Inherent Risks

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Anhydrous ammonia is available from hundreds of agricultural retailers for their farm clientele who use this fertilizer on their corn acreage. While driving through Indiana's farmland in late fall or spring, it is a common sight to see retailers and farmers pulling anhydrous ammonia nurse tanks to and from fields. During peak times, retailer lots that were once filled with nurse tanks and applicators (tool bars) stand empty as every working piece of anhydrous ammonia equipment is pressed into service. Ag retailers carry gasoline, diesel, pesticides, and fertilizers that they use or sell to farmers. Any spill or release of these products are important to the retailers and local communities where the facilities are located. This is why so much effort is required to train employees on how to prevent accidents and to educate fire departments on how to properly respond to them. Of all the products stored at the retailer's facility, anhydrous ammonia is of greatest concern. This is because releasing this hazardous material can seriously injure people, or even kill them. This is why it is imperative that everyone handling anhydrous ammonia follow the policies established by their facilities to the best of their abilities. Much of the training for anhydrous ammonia aims to reduce human error and lower the likelihood that a release will occur.




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