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Stewart Woods Tree Trail

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This audio tour guides you through a 150-tree trail while teaching you tree identification and forest ecology. It has the distinct advantage of demonstrating trees in a semi-natural setting and highlights all the most common tree species in the Central Hardwood Forest Region. Identification focuses on bark and twig characteristics, which can be used year-round, but also includes leaves, flowers, fruits, and site. Information on habitat, size, wildlife and commercial uses, and other facts come from the book Native Trees of the Midwest by Sally S. Weeks, Harmon P. Weeks, and George R. Parker. The audio was designed primarily for students of the Dendrology (FNR 22500) and Forest Ecosystems (FNR 33100) courses at Purdue University, but is free and open to anyone. Stewart Woods is adjacent to Horticulture Park, just west of campus. See downloads and links below.
Script by Douglass F. Jacobs, Rosa C. Goodman, Sally S. Weeks, Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University; sound design by Ryan Kingery, Theatre Division, Purdue University

Download instructions for the audio iPod tour of Stewart Woods Tree Trail

  • STEP 1: Download audio iPod Tour (mp3 or mp4).
  • STEP 2: Unzip the compressed iPod tour to your computer using Compressed Folders on Windows or Stuffit Expander for Mac OS X.
  • STEP 3: Plug your mp3 or mp4 player into your computer, load the audio files from the "PurdueSWTTmp3" (or "PurdueSWTTmp4") folder onto your player. Disconnect your player.
  • STEP 4: You are now ready to enjoy the audio iPod tour. The numbers on the audio segments match the numbers on the trees.

Download album for all media players (mp3 files—95MB zip file download) http://www.ydae.purdue.edu/99_MDC_Podcast09/Stewart_Woods/PurdueSWTTmp3.zip

Download album for iTunes only (mpeg4 files—50MB zip file download) http://www.ydae.purdue.edu/99_MDC_Podcast09/Stewart_Woods/PurdueSWTTmp4.zip

Download written script
Download tree list
Link to a map of Stewart Woods (available soon)
Link to the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources Web site for Stewart Woods.




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