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Herschel's World of Economics DVD

Herschel's World of Economics DVD

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$9.50/ Each


Elementary-age students will be charmed by Herschel, a feisty little puppet dog who thinks he knows a lot about economics, but still has a lot to learn. Dr. Day comes to the rescue and helps Herschel learn about important economic concepts identified in national and state standards. Welcome to Herschel's World of Economics©!

Each Herschel DVD contains six, 10-minute video programs. In each program, key economic terms are clearly displayed for your students. The DVD links to an easy-to-use Teacher's Guide.

Program 1: Goods and Services
Program 2: Producers and Consumers
Program 3: Productive Resources
Program 4: Scarcity
Program 5: Trade and Money
Program 6: Opportunity Cost

This product is also available as a combo set which contains both the Herschel's World of Economics DVD and the popular KidsEcon Posters Set A (11 posters covering economics concepts presented in the DVD).
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