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Shrubs of Indiana / Native Trees of the Midwest - Combo Package

Shrubs of Indiana / Native Trees of the Midwest - Combo Package Product code: CD-FNR-6-C


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This combo includes a book and CD.

Indiana is home to more than 100 species of shrubs that are native to the state and the Midwest. This publication was inspired by the work of pioneer botanist Charles Deam.

Native Trees of the Midwest is a definitive guide to identifying trees in Indiana and surrounding states. Descriptive text explains how to identify every species in any season, and color photographs show all-important characteristics. Not only does the book allow the user to identify trees and learn of their ecological and distributional attributes, but it also presents an evaluation of each species relative to its potential ornamental value for those interested in landscaping.

When you buy the combo, you get 10% off the prices of each publication.

Shrubs of Indiana CD provides:

  • detailed characteristics for species identification
  • full-color photos of leaves, buds, twigs, flowers, fruit, bark, and form
  • habitat requirements and range maps for each species




Sally S. Weeks, George R. Parker, Harmon Weeks

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