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The Purdue Perennial Doctor app (which is part of the Purdue Plant Doctor series) helps gardeners identify, diagnose and manage insect, disease, and environmental problems on their tomatoes. The iOS (iPhone, iPad) app contains almost 500 high quality images to help users throughout North America diagnose their most common (and uncommon) tomato problems.


  • Identify tomato problems by matching photos of almost 500 images.
  • Diagnoses can be made by researching the part of the plant affected (fruit, leaves, stems, roots, flowers) or by the suspected cause of the problem (insect, disease, environment).
  • Check diagnosis through detailed descriptions and multiple images linked to each problem.
  • Identify beneficial insects, so you don't accidentally harm 'the good guys'.
  • Get the latest unbiased recommendations from Purdue University experts on how to successfully manage the most common tomato problems facing gardeners throughout the United States.

For technical support, email treedoc@purdue.edu.

Click here for the Android version.

Format: Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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Janna Beckerman, Cliff Sadof

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