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Vehicular accidents involving personal injury or hazardous material releases represent the greatest liability that companies face every day. Drivers of commercial vehicles need to be trained, certainly, but they also need to be conscientious; and it is equally important that all equipment and vehicles be in good working condition.

The mere volume of commercial traffic on our roads and highways necessitates regulation at the federal, state, and local levels. Various regulations address public safety issues by requiring that vehicles be operated according to manufacturers' design limitations and within the confines of safe operation and maintenance. One of our goals in writing this publication is to make the regulations easier to understand, and we will guide you through them as you read. You will learn how to bring your drivers and your fleet vehicles into compliance with state and federal transportation regulations—and keep them there. Our primary goal, however, is to promote the safe transportation of goods and services. Our suggestions will help you safeguard your drivers, protect the public and the environment, and reduce liabilities. But remember above all else that implementation is the key.

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