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Pint-Size Economics (24 different lessons)

Pint-Size Economics (24 different lessons)

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Pint-Size Economics is the perfect curriculum for teaching your elementary students about basic economics, saving and investing, and being a wise consumer. Many of these concepts are now addressed in most state Standards. Pint-Size has 24 separate lessons, each focusing on a specific concept.

Each lesson is four pages: a Title page where the concept is explained, an Activities Page with Questions to Ask Students, and two Worksheets. Included also is a Pint-Size Glossary, "Econ" Book Report, Pint-Size Vocabulary, Journal Writing Ideas, and Enrichment Ideas.

Teachers will love the Literature Connection (Appendix A), which lists popular children's books that reinforce the economic concepts featured in Pint-Size.

Pint-Size Economics is designed to help you teach not only basic economics and personal finance, but also language arts and math. In fact, many activities and worksheets focus on these required subjects. This interdisciplinary approach will help you be very efficient in using your scarce instructional time.

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