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Managing Cover Crops Profitably, 3rd Edition

Managing Cover Crops Profitably, 3rd Edition Product code: SARE-01


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Managing Cover Crops Profitably explores how and why cover crops work and provides all the information needed to build cover crops into any farming operation. Along with detailed management information on the most commonly used species—including grasses, grains, brassicas and mustards, and legumes—Managing Cover Crops Profitably offers chapters on the role of cover crops in broader topics such as crop rotations, pests and conservation tillage. It also has appendices on seed suppliers and regional experts.

"This is the best book I have ever read. It uses science to explain complex concepts, lays out options for different systems and climates, and allows innovative farmers to digest the information and make their own intelligent decisions." – Wolfgang Rougle, Twining Tree Farm, Cottonwood, Calif.

This softcover book was produced by SARE (the Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education program). Since 1988, the SARE grants and education program has advanced agricultural innovation that promotes profitability, stewardship of the land, air and water, and quality of life for farmers, ranchers and their communities.

Language: English

Pages:244, softcover




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